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Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine



Tubular long arm double needle filter bag sewing machine is professional for sewing the ring on reverse filter bag,it has synchronous feeding that can prevent fabric from sliding.Upper and lower shaft adopts synchronous tooth shape conveyor belt,rotation type disk is easy to adjust needle gauge,feeding and inversion fabric.This machine also has clutch device to prevent damage from overload operation.


Max sewing speed

2800 rpm/min

Max stitch length

6 mm

Presser foot lift height

9 mm

Needle bar stroke

33.6 mm

Needle gauge

12 mm

Cantilever length

800 mm

Thread take-up lever stroke

60 mm


Individual oiling by hand

Rotating hook

Vertical hook

Motor power

550W 380V (Electronic positioning motor,220V 650W,with the function of needle bar positioning,automatic lifting presser foot function,infinite speed adjustment function)

Size (length*width*height)


Packing size (length*width*height)


Net / Gross weight (kg)

118kg / 178kg

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