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Cartridge Filters


Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are applied in areas where, due to a lack of space, small dimension filter batteries are required. Their corrugated structure allows to extend the filtering surface and moreover to maintain dimensions of a regular filtering bag.

The standard dimensions of cartridge filters are:

- diameters – 125, 150, 228, 327 mm,

- lengths – from 300 to 2000 mm

Materials typically used in the production of filters are: impregnated paper, polyester, polypropylene etc. Special finishes for these filters can guarantee water and oil resistance, anti-electrostatics as well as grinding resistance.


Wide selection available. Choose from pp, polyester, cotton, acryl, glass fiber including core of pp, tinned steel, ss 304, 316.

100% polypropylene construction

Various types- spun bond, wound, pleated, melt blown, COD7, DOE cartridges available with Sillicon, Viton, EPDM & Teflon Gasket.

Size: Nominal & Absolute micron ratings (0.1 to 100 micron)


1 Chemicals & Pharma Industries

2 Fertilizer, Oil & Gas Industries

3 Food & Beverages Industries.

4 Bulk Drugs & Parrentals Industries

5 Power Generation Industries

6 Cosmetics & Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration System etc.

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