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Automatic Sewing Machine Line For Produce Filter Bag Body



Automatic filter bag sewing production line is equipped with imported JUKI sewing head reduce failure rate,sewing speed can reach 10m/min,improve production efficiency.Intelligent control panel is fully functional to ensure high quality sewing production process.


Material rack

Automatic feeding

Imported JUKI sewing head

Automatic sewing

Lifting mechanism


Banner material sensor

Automatic fixed length cutting

PLC system operation panel

Main control

Main Function:

1. Feeding function:Automatic feeding.

2. Feeding detection function: There’s a sensor in feeding rack, if there’s no fabric, the machine will automatic stop working to protect the machine.

3. Floating roller in rack:Add the floating roller in feeding rack,provide the tension to fabric,has solved the problem of uniform stitch caused by lack of tension in the fabric.(Patent)

4. Backing and returning of material:When the line the broken, the fabric can return slowly by pressing the control button on touch screen, to prevent the needle from being bent,reduce the waste fabric,protect the machine, extend service life.(Patent)

5. Hidden type threading lighting:There’s a light hidden in thread part,make it easier to threading.

6. Breaking stop function:There are six sensors installed on the sewing head, the machine will automatic stop when the thread is broken.

7. Computer adjust needle function:The distance of the stitch can be adjusted by touch screen.

8. Multifunctional adjustable edge device:The normal range of the edge device can be 115-185mm.The edge device can be customized by the material and the diameter of the fabric.

9. Needle lift feeding function:The fabric will only feed while the needle has lift.It can prevent the needle from being bent ,extend service life and make the needle hole much smaller,easily meet the waste gas emission standard.(Patent)

10. Machine needle cooling function:There’s a tube beside the needle,below the air to cool the needle,reduce the temperature of needle,protect the needle,reduce the loss of the needle.

11. Automatic fixed length cutting function:The length of the bag can be adjusted by the sensors of conveyor,and automatic cut.

12. Sharpening function:Start sharpening function by touch screen,the cutter will automatic running, use grindstone to close the cutter,then sharp.

13. Remote control for updating the system for free:We can provide the after sales,to update the PLC system by remote control for free.

Main Features:

1. High production efficiency, the highest speed can reach 9 meters per minute.

2. Failure rate is low, because the machine adopted the most advanced transmission structure both at home and abroad, the failure rate can be reduced to about 40%.

3. It can save more oil, oil seal is good, there is enough oil during working, therefore it will not lead to the components’ service life to be shorten because of lack of oil.

4. Sewing machine main motor adopts energy-saving servo motor, so the speed of the sewing machine can be adjusted arbitrary among the range of 50-3600r.p.m/min as working required. LED display screen can display the speed of the sewing machine in the work.

Some list of spare parts:

Rod less cylinders: (America)

PLC、Servo: Delta(Taiwan)

Encoder: OMRON(Japan)

Sewing head: JUKI(Japan)

Sensor: OMRON(Japan)、Banner(Taiwan)

Control System:

1. The precision of the cutting system to be ensured between 2 mm, this device adopts two import photoelectric sensors, to ensure the reliability of accuracy.

2. 5.5 inch LCD of color operation control, embedded operation buttons, beautiful, convenient and fast. There have high definition surveillance cameras and large size display to ensure the high quality of sewing production process when work.

3. Feeding system adopts the most advanced tilting working structure, this design greatly saves the land area of the workshop for users, and utilizes every inch of space of the workshop effectively.


Sewing speed

6-10M (Adjusted by different fabric)

Stitch range

3-7mm (Adjustable)

Presser foot lift height


Needle bar stroke


Needle gauge

3.2/3.2mm (Customized)

Bed size in diameter

115-185mm (Can be changed by changing attachment. )

Total motor power

2.82KW (Can be changed as required. )

Motor power

550W 380V,220V 370W

(Electronic positioning motor 220V 650W)

Needle type



Individual oiling by hand

Pin number


Conveyor length

9m (Customized)

Device total length


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