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Power plant

Power plantPower plant

Power plant

There two big types of power plant with the different fuels.The coal-fired power plant and biomass fuel fired power plant. Coal-fired power stations generate occur amount of fly ash, which must be safely removed from the flue gas by dust collectors. Thus,the central task of filter media in coal-fired power stations is an efficient dust removal and the reduce of harmful gases. Heading filter factory offers you filter media solutions which are designed for these tasks and matched to the individual applications.

Due to the ever-shortage of fossil fuels, the production of energy from the combustion of bio mass is becoming more and more important. The typical biomass fuels are Straw , wood, dung and crop waste,they will appear a large smoke and dusts when burning. Heading filter factory will provie you with microfiber filter media to catch the various fly ashes.

Heading Filter factory typical application

Nomex micro fiber dust bags

PPS (Ryton) dust bags

Glass fiber dust bag

PTFE membrane filter media