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Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalt plant require systems for controlling and collecting the airborne dust emissions produced during the drying, mixing and handing process. Now in some environmentally sensitive area the dust filter systems need to guaranteed to deliver emission levels of less than 10-20 mg/m3.During the asphalt mixing plant dust collection, we need pay more attention to the temperature changes during the process, and frequently start-ups and shut-downs with different fuels,also there maybe resulting potential sparks.

Before our advice, we need to know more details of your plant’s operation conditions and the dust composition. Heading Filter factory offers technically and economically the optimal filter bags solution for dedusting your asphalt mixing plant.

Heading Filter factory typical application

Nomex dust bags

Nomex mixed with polyester dust bags

PPS dust bags